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Become Certified in the Latest IT Skills and Techniques

Everything you learn in the IT field is a huge career booster. With Alarp training , your skills can become formally recognized by our world-leading certifications. Each certification we provide is crafted to ensure maximum skill endorsement and training for the learner.
You may get certified in any IT-related field through Alarp training. Currently, our Big Data, Gaming, and Cybersecurity certifications are the most popular, with numerous people enrolling every month. For us, offering the right balance between knowledge and application is the key to successful certification. Given our reputation for honesty, quality, and dedication, employers worldwide prefer hiring people who have our certifications at hand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Get enrolled today!

Our Philosophy

We believe in a mentoring process

where the learner becomes an expert during our certifications. Therefore, providing a certification is not only a formality at Alarp training. Instead, our firm believes in using certifications to appreciate and formally recognize the superior skills in different IT fields of learners.

Our Mission

To provide high-end online training and certifications to learners from around the world in the field of IT.

Our Vision

It is creating a talented, skilled, and certified workforce through short-term certifications that can meet the changing needs of the industry.


Our Core Values

Over the years, we have developed a reputation of trust, dedication, and quality for all the certifications we provide. These competitive edges spring from exceptional core values our firm follows to ensure maximum satisfaction of the clients. For us, standing by our core values through thick and thin is extremely important, as they define the quality of our business.


We believe in setting the right expectations for the learners regarding the benefits of our certifications. As such, our team never makes unrealistic promises on delivering benefits overnight. Instead, we believe that our certifications are a boost to your career in the long-term with the formal recognition of your IT skills.


People starting their careers may not afford the high fee for exceptional certifications. For us, making sure every talented individual can get certified is a prime priority. Therefore, all our certifications are offered at affordable prices—Check in with our team for further discounts.


Each IT certification we provide is managed and administered by high-end facilitators and module managers. Every single one of them has had an illustrious career in their relevant IT fields. Therefore, they can bring in expertise and information from all the different sections of the industry.

Check Out Our Certifications

We have listed complete details about our IT certifications on the course listings. Check out each certification and read their descriptions to find out what they specifically do for your business. If anything seems confusing, our team is always there to answer your queries and questions!

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Why Choose Us?

There are numerous benefits of choosing Alarp training over most competitors


Exceptional course quality and widely recognized certifications


Learning from the best facilitators and field experts from around the world.


Affordable and short-length certifications to allow better management with career


Available to both youngsters starting their careers and people who are already employed somewhere.


Focus on the modern IT standards, methods, and dynamics.


Our Leadership

Every member of the Alarp training team is equally important to the certifications we provide. Therefore, our leadership style and organizational management are more democratic and inclined towards team working. Direct input is taken from field experts when developing certifications and content. This way, every certification directly caters to different consumer needs and requirements.

Our Clients

IT Certifications

Why are IT Certifications Important?

The world is slowly going virtual! Augmented reality has taken over as the prime method of interaction with the digital world already. Therefore, becoming skilled in the IT field under the training provided by field experts is the only way to remain competitive in the future. With proper IT certifications, you are on your path to global success.

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Contact our team today and inquire about the different certifications that we provide. Please discuss your requirements and let us suggest the most suitable courses for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.